The Road Story Vietnam

"Welcome to Our Farm"

Welcome to our desert oasis. Located 60 miles West of Las Vegas, between Las Vegas and Death Valley. Our goal is to strive to become as self sustainable as possible and being good stewards of our land and animals.
The main goal and focus is in raising animals humanely and providing them the best possible environment in which to grow. This environment must include full access to grass pastures.  Our beliefs is what guided us on our path to becoming the only “animal  welfare approved” farm for our fresh pastured organic eggs, chickens, and geese.
All farm activities are performed with organic and or bio-dynamic growing methods and principles.

The Road Story Vietnam

Back in September, I announced the release of a series of travel guides, beginning with five cities around the world. They were handy resources for travelers that got to the point, included off the beaten path destinations, and directed people to more local restaurants and bars. But like all first editions.

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